It is durable and timeless political Bros MARNELAKIS SA to provide high quality services in a safe and healthy environment in which our employees, other customers who may be affected by our operations they can perform their tasks, while protecting the environment any potential damage.

Consequently, evidence-based measures taken and become proper training of our staff on the prevention of accidents and health risks that associated with the work.
The staff work safely indicating when needed exposure - damage from non-conforming items.

Corporate policy MARNELAKIS BROS SA is to respond perfectly to customer needs. To allow the development of a project, regardless of the circumstances by constantly adjusting and improving procedures and prevent accidents.



We operate since 1949 and we deal with all kinds relating to lifting and carrying heavy objects. Our Company with its equipment and specialized long experience of its staff guarantees safety, speed, efficiency and flexibility in a wide variety of projects, offering solutions practical and economic depending on your problems.


From our position within the company, contributing to sustainability together with their suppliers and customers. We are willing to take on the challenges of the project, always doing responsibly. Our desire is to bring out the desired result always putting priority on the environment and people blocking ways that can harm them. For us, it is not only accepting the challenge, but also the delivery of the final result safely.


We are making security a top priority, always and in every way, so that at the end of the day, customers and employees can go home safe. We treat customers and employees fairly, with clear explanations and respect.

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